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willing to invest in its team


William Warwick

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Will, a masterful leader on a mission to transform the technical electrical industry.

Will has seen the electrical industry change immensely over the years. He was there when Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley was established, helping design and implement electrical infrastructure that would eventually support critical power systems all over the United States. Will amplifies the innovative spirit of the Hanley Energy Electrical team, and as such, he is constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers, staff, and community.

Will says: “We knew that what we were creating here was going to fly in the face of what ‘normal’ electrical companies were doing. We know the industry, from the inside out, and we understand that you have to innovate alongside your customers - or you simply aren’t doing them justice. So, we committed ourselves to being different, investing in our team, our research, our craft, and our clients. You’ll never hear us say that we aren’t the best, because we know that we are. We’ve invested in it.”


Adam Geller, CESCP, CHST

Safety Director

Meet Adam, a certified electrical safety compliance professional with a penchant for training.

Adam joined HEE with over 20 years of electrical experience - which proves useful when mitigating electrical hazards. He boasts an extensive background in incident investigations, giving him unparalleled insight into root causes and the practices needed to implement corrective measures. He believes that workplace safety requires everyone’s engagement, from the top of an organization to the bottom. Adam adds many safety skills and credentials to the HEE team, including CESCP, CHST, and various training and accreditations from the National Safety Council (NSC).

Adam says: “I came to HEE because of its safety-minded culture. In this industry, there’s often a buy-in problem when it comes to safety and upper management. Executives think that safety programs cost too much or take too much time, and they push off things like training until it’s too late. Not here. HEE invests in the safety of its employees and customers like no other company I’ve seen. I’m excited to see how we can impact the lives and bottom lines of our clients as we strengthen compliance and awareness.”

Adam is an outdoor enthusiast! He loves hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting, and he has two energetic border collie mixes that require substantial frisbee time. His growing farm includes seven obstinate chickens, which pretty much do as they please. When he’s not outside, he’s relaxing at home with his wife, son, and daughter, watching a movie or having a family game night.


Joe Gough


Meet Joe, an outspoken champion for intelligent research and design.

Joe augments HEE’s analysis-driven CURRENT approach to business. His technical electrical knowledge spans many critical-power industries, and it has awarded him the unofficial title of “Troubleshooter Extraordinaire” in our Ashburn, VA, Research and Development lab. Joe lives our mission to deliver peace of mind to our customers. He enjoys breaking down issues and discovering cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions that support our customers’ goals today and tomorrow.

Joe says: “We are in a unique place within the technical electrical industry: We care. We care about our reputation, we care about the goals of our customers, and we care about our team members. Every day, we ask ourselves if we are putting it all out there, doing everything we can to provide superior service, solutions, and safety. It is inherent to who we are at HEE. When we say that we empower our customers to succeed, we mean it - and we work hard to deliver on that promise.”

Joe lives with his wife, son, and daughter in beautiful Eastern Maryland. Whether it’s skiing on fresh powder, fishing at a local watering hole, or driving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) around his property, he likes his family time to be action-packed! Joe also enjoys coaching his son’s youth football team and hanging out with the family’s adopted dog, and - not to be outdone - currently supports 12 willful chickens.

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