A technical electrical company

With a CURRENT approach


It's not just a priority, it's a commitment. We take our safety protocols and practices seriously.


You can count on us. We're always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We stand behind everything we do. We care about your business and our reputation.

It's more than a pursuit. It's a promise.

At Hanley Energy Electrical, we deliver peace of mind.

This peace of mind comes from investing in the future. We invest in our customers, building long-lasting partnerships that are both collaborative and genuine. We invest in our people, choosing only the best and brightest professionals to become part of the HEE team. And, we invest in our technology, ensuring that our technical electrical specialists are efficient, responsive, and safe.

Whether we are providing commissioning services, developing specialized critical-power solutions, or responding to mission-critical issues in electrical infrastructure, our team of problem solvers can handle it all - and is always just a phone call away.

It's all about being agile

When you work with complex electrical systems, industry-specific expertise is a must.

With decades of highly-technical experience under our collective belt, we understand some of the products we work with better than their vendors. We know what problems to anticipate and what solutions to avoid, and we know that we have to be ready for anything, at any time.

HEE takes pride in its ability to remain agile, even as we continue to grow our business.  We can scale with our customers, shift project goals, and respond to market demands without losing a step.

Yes, we know how to adapt after all these years - and we're good at it.

We empower our customers to suceed

We're always CURRENT

You can't be agile without having a plan in place that embraces change. We call our plan our CURRENT approach.


We initiate our partnership by making your needs our needs. We ask a lot of questions and listen closely to your answers.


Together, we clarify your goals. Then, we break them down via plain English and something we like to call "technical electrical speak."


At this stage, we figure out the best way to accomplish your objectives. We consider many things here, such as reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


We talk through the solution, as partners, discussing both its pros and cons. We answer all of your questions and provide practical, honest answers.


The electrical solution is implemented at this point. You can serve your end users the way you've always dreamed, meeting or exceeding your standards.


Thanks to your improved electrical systems, you are now ready to set new goals. We remain your partner as you encounter new challenges and hurdles.


To us, a lasting partnership is a sign of a job well-done. We're always just a phone call away, ready to help your business evolve.

We're Fearless

Some companies say they are "customer-centric" or "customer-obsessed," and those phrases sound great! Unfortunately, they don't do justice to the way we feel about our customers.

As an HEE customer, your business becomes our business. We invest in you just like we invest in ourselves. That's how we believe a partnership should work, so that's how approach every day - and every client interaction.

Let's just say that we're fearless for our customers.

At HEE, we not afraid to be:

  • better
  • different
  • devoted
  • perfectionists
  • safe
  • sustainable
  • involved
  • honest

Are you ready to see how we can be fearless for you?

Questions? We're here for you

If you have any questions regarding our solutions or services, let us know! Send us a message, and we'll have one of our fantastic team members get back to you as soon as possible.

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