Electrical Energy Optimization


It's more than just efficiency

The need for energy optimization extends well beyond any one industry or business type. Every commercial building has some sort of power system - and that system should be optimized.

At Hanley Energy Electrical, we view energy optimization as more than just energy efficiency; it's a holistic solution that promotes environmental responsibility, benefitting both people and the planet.

When you think of energy optimization for electrical systems, a few basic concepts may come to mind:

  • Monitoring
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

These are great optimization techniques, but a few more things should also come to mind - like saving money, extending system life, and maximizing uptime. It's possible to help the environment while reaping these benefits.

Let HEE show you how.

Optimization Tools

Metering Solutions

Dynamic Power Management (DPM)

Distributed Generation (DG) Units

Power Distribution


We offer customized solutions

We are customization experts at HEE, and we understand that your needs are unique.

Even within the same industry, companies may have similar system optimization goals, but different requirements for achieving them.

At HEE, our technical electrical specialists are system optimization experts. We know electrical systems and their parts - often better than the vendors that sell them. We tailor our solutions and services to meet your energy needs, giving you optimal power flow and system operation.

Our recommendations are also completely unbiased and product-agnostic. We never give advice based on our bottom line - just yours.


We're skilled testers

At HEE, we're invested in the future.

In our Ashburn, VA, office, we have created a world-class Research and Development lab where we can test relays, resistors, circuits, fuses, switches, and more. It allows us to test energy optimization solutions before we install them - which saves our customers both time and money.

System optimization is not a guessing game at HEE. It's a carefully-curated science which requires study and input from our engineers and technical electrical professionals.

Are you ready to let HEE invest in your future?

Monitoring is key

Power systems need to be monitored closely to achieve true energy optimization. Monitoring provides data, and data allows for informed decision-making.

When it comes to electricity, though, many decisions are best left to algorithms. Finely-tuned automated control systems allow your system to operate at optimal levels and detect - and account for - issues before they start.

At HEE, our elite team has designed, tested, and installed hundreds of customized control systems that save time, extend system life, and maximize uptime. Are you ready to reap the rewards?

Life is greener with HEE. Give us a call today to learn more!