Medium Voltage Installation & Cable Termination


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Terminating medium voltage cables is critical to provide safety for operations personnel and to provide the expected reliability of the electrical distribution network.

Our experts are certified in

Electrical Theory

AC, DC systems, configurations (e.g., delta, wye) and ferro-resonance


Grounding theory, bonding, how conditions affect grounding


Hazards of energized circuits, PPE, first aid, OSHA safety regulations

Cable Properties

Includes causes of cable failure and knowledge of how to avoid

Cable Preparation

When, why, and how to make cutbacks. The use of pencil insulation.


Types, parts, and properties of splices and connectors


Knowledge of types, parts, and properties of terminations

Splicing and Terminating Materials

Applications of tape, kits, terminating materials, and tools

Medium Voltage Installations

  • We can provide wire pulling and duct bank services. Cable can be furnished and installed, if desired.
  • We install MV equipment, including transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, etc.
  • We provide grounding, bonding, and shielding services, as well as furnish housekeeping pads for MV and LV equipment.

Cable Termination Procedures

  • Verify absence of voltage on cables using all means necessary
  • Prepare cable for slicing with sharp, high-quality tools, abrasives, and solvents
  • Install splices on both shielded and non-shielded cables using aluminum or copper connectors
  • Install hand-taped, cold shrink, heat shrink, and molded elbow terminations per Class 1, 2 or 3 requirements
  • Utilize proper test equipment as indicated in the specifications

Unsurpassed cable splicing and terminations credentials


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At HEE, we apply NETA guidelines to all of our electrical system testing and preventative maintenance offerings. These standards ensure the highest levels of safety, accuracy, and honesty.

When you combine this with our exhaustive, CURRENT approach to business, some say that we're perfectionists - and that's okay with us.

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