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At Hanley Energy Electrical, we are technical electrical specialists.

It's not a buzzword; it's how we define ourselves. We work on some of the most sophisticated electrical systems in North America. These systems do amazing things, like keep hospital ventilators running, give end users access to data in the cloud, and conserve energy usage in large buildings.

Every system is intricate and important. When something breaks or disaster strikes, you need an electrical professional who understands it - both inside and out.

You need HEE.

We have been designing, installing, testing, and maintaining electrical systems for decades. In some instances, we have been there since day one, helping to shape the future of the industries themselves. And, we're not just experts in hardware; we know the software side, too.

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Industries we serve

Data Center

We headquartered HEE in the heart of what's known as Virginia’s "Data Center Alley" for a reason: we know data centers. Our electrical engineers and specialists have been there since the cloud was born, developing innovative answers as the industry grew rapidly. We are proud to say that we are product-agnostic, and as such, we have been able to work with some of the top controls and equipment manufacturers in the field. We know what works, and we understand your space.

Let us show you what data center expertise looks like.


From powering surgical equipment and heating pads to defibrillators and x-ray machines, electricity is critical in every healthcare setting. Hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, medical offices, and other facilities rely heavily on their power systems. An outage could quickly turn into a crisis - with lives on the line.

HEE appreciates the gravity of electricity in the healthcare industry. Our technicians know how to prevent problems before they start, and if the unexpected does happen, we're there for you, 24/7/365. Learn more about how HEE empowers health.


An evolving business sector needs an agile partner in success. At HEE, we provide a wide variety of telecommunications services for our customers, including site surveys, audits, testing, fiber terminations and splicing, and more. We also specialize in infrastructure retrofitting, where our electrical professionals complete seamless transitions from old equipment to new. And, since we're product-agnostic, we'll incorporate any preferred components into our designs.

Are you ready to minimize downtime in your network?


At HEE, we know that manufacturers face unique challenges in the marketplace. Downtime affects productivity, which then impacts profitability. Before you know it, jobs must be eliminated just to stay in business - and no one wants that. Tumultuous times call for stability and consistency - something we've mastered at HEE. Through our CURRENT approach, we can maximize your uptime and deliver peace of mind to both your investors and your employees.

Learn more about our manufacturing services and solutions today!

Renewable Energy

We wouldn't be able to say that are "CURRENT" if we didn't embrace the future of power. Renewable energy, like solar and wind, is important to the wellbeing of our customers and the environment. Our skilled team supports companies in this sector through expert design, installation, testing, and commissioning services - just to name a few.

At HEE, we are ready to propel this industry forward so that we can all live more sustainably. See how HEE can be your partner in green.

Oil & Gas

Efficiency, safety, and reliability are key when it comes to Oil & Gas. At HEE, we customize services and solutions that help our customers answer today's problems while planning for tomorrow's. Our Oil & Gas offering includes updating legacy systems, performing electrical testing and preventative maintenance, commissioning, and more. We also design and install safety equipment, like environmental protection monitoring systems, to keep workers, communities, and wildlife safe.

What critical-power challenges can HEE solve for you?

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