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We have a responsibility

Hanley Energy Electrical is passionate about its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We feel like every company has an obligation to positively impact society and the environment. Personally, though, we approach CSR as more of a mindset. Our outreach efforts are a reflection of our employees; we make a difference because they make a difference.

At HEE, we have engrained CSR into our daily lives. Our team members are always looking for opportunities to support the communities we serve. Whether it’s purchasing dog beds or donating personal protective equipment (PPE), it’s part of who we are.

We’re impacting lives

At HEE, we have big hearts.

A large portion of our CSR efforts are focused on improving the welfare of individuals around us. When we hear about a person, organization, or family in need, we immediately take steps to see how we can help.

We have:


HEE Outreach

Hair Protectors
Face Shields
Face Masks
Meals Donated
Germ Keys

We’re impacting the planet

We also care about the Earth.

We are constantly searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

At HEE, we are:

  • Incorporating ethical and evironmentally-friendly practices into our business model. We aim to have a 100% sustainable supply chain within the next two years.
  • Striving to plant one million trees over the next five years via our partnership with One Tree Planted. HEE is doing all it can to support reforestation efforts in North America.
  • Utilizing sustainable, 100% recyclable crates for all of our packaging. Each crate is made of timber that has been reused.
  • Foregoing paper - and expect to be 100% paperless by 2025. By streamlining our internal processes, we know that we can help our customers become paperless, too.
  • Making it our mission to reduce our emissions. At HEE, it’s our goal to have an all-electric fleet by 2030.
  • Recycling and reusing, completely eliminating plastic bottles in our offices. We know that little things can make a big difference.

Do you have an idea for us?

We’re always looking for more ways to get involved. Let us know about your volunteer activity or charitable program, and we’ll get back to you!

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