Electrical Emergency Response


Your emergency is our emergency

At Hanley Energy Electrical, a real, live person is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to address your electrical emergencies.

At Hanley Energy Electrical, we provide the best testing and preventative maintenance services in the industry. Our customers receive tailored, comprehensive plans that meet their needs and conform to InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) standards.

HEE's abilities in the electrical power-testing arena are unparalleled. We are the only company in our field willing to invest in our customers, people, and technology. We have spent countless hours in our world-class Research and Development lab, testing relays and other parts. If it exists, we know how to install and maintain it - sometimes better than the manufacturers themselves.

Is your power safe, reliable, and efficient? Let HEE show you how we deliver peace of mind.

24/7/365 Support

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

2-Hour Response Time

Operational-Level Agreements (OLAs)

Our team is the best

An emergency response effort is no better than the team that responds to it.

At HEE, we don't send a warm - but unqualified - body just to fulfill our 2-hour promise. We only send electrical professionals who have the expertise and industry-specific knowledge to handle your issue, right then and there.

Our team members can diagnose, replace, and test. And, if the replacement parts are not readily available, they will work with our vast partner network to obtain what you need, ASAP.

At HEE, we understand the importance of keeping your commitments - especially for organizations who work with defined service targets and objectives. Noncompliance equals penalties, and penalties are bad for business.

When every minute counts, you can depend on HEE.


We're planners

At HEE, we can help you develop customized emergency response plans for your electrical systems. These plans include comprehensive documentation about the systems, their parts, and other components.

The plans also contain emergency guidance that we prepare based on your staff, equipment, industry, and situation. In some cases, we may ask you to have an on-site employee troubleshoot an issue; in others, we will advise you to wait for our electrical professional to arrive.

It all depends on your business and the emergency you are facing.

We're organized

With colorful, easy-to read HEE labels to your electrical equipment, you can:

  • Call us. A member of our Customer Service team is always available.
  • Scan the QR code. You can open a support ticket right from your phone.
  • Email us. We'll reply as soon as possible with further instructions.

Our technical electrical specialists will coordinate parts, team members, and anything else that may be needed to meet your SLA or OLA.

We’re always just a phone call away.
Learn more about HEE’s emergency response services today!