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It's time for stability

You need reliable, efficient, clean power and tools that enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions that maximize production and reduce costs.

We live in tumultuous times, and the manufacturing industry has suffered greatly. Energy costs are rising, production windows are shrinking, and profit margins are getting smaller. There is uncertainty surrounding when and how workers can perform their jobs, and the supply chain has become inconsistent at best.

Hanley Energy Electrical understands that every moment must count. As a manufacturer, you have critical-power needs that affect the stability of your business and the communities it serves. You need reliable, efficient, clean power and tools that enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions that maximize production and reduce costs.

At HEE, we supply both. We offer our manufacturing clients services that positively impact their bottom lines, from controls design and Industrial Energy Management Systems (IEMS) to testing and preventative maintenance.

Our electrical solutions will stabilize power to your industrial systems and put actionable information at your fingertips.

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Industrial Energy Management Systems (IEMS)

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Lower your environmental impact

At HEE, we follow many industry best practices and standards, such as those produced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO's new 50001 standard offers a framework for companies and organizations that are looking to improve their energy management. It offers advice on policy creation, goal-setting, data utilization, reporting, and decision-making.

We use our ISO 50001 certification to help manufacturers make energy management inherent to daily operations. Whether that means installing an IEMS or other control system, implementing reporting protocols, or creating a plan to upgrade legacy equipment, we can help your company lower its environmental impact - and reduce energy costs.


Safety comes first

Industrial electrical systems can be hazardous.

At HEE, safety is a priority. We believe that the more you can test a solution, the safer your facility and workers will be.

That's why we established a world-class Research and Development lab at our Ashburn, VA, location. It allows us to test relays, components, and other electrical equipment before it goes live in your system. We know how parts will behave - and where they might fail - and we use this knowledge to keep you and your plant safe.

We're an electrical ally

Our CURRENT approach to business is all about creating meaningful relationships with our customers. While we're happy to help you with a small project, we want to be the technical electrical experts that help you with all of your industrial energy management needs.

At HEE, we only hire the best electrical professionals in the business. Our elite team knows both hardware and software, and we have the experience to provide industry-specific insight and support, 24/7.

Let us be your technical electrical ally.

Let us be your technical electrical ally. Contact us today to learn more.