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Maybe you want to fix a major issue that is inhibiting growth. Or, you simply want to achieve your five-year goals in three. How you define success is up to you; you're the expert in your business.

Hanley Energy Electrical understands. We work with brilliant executives and entrepreneurs who know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. Unfortunately, the whole "getting there" part is the toughest. You can't do it all alone; you need a partner to support your efforts - one that is an expert in their own field.

HEE can be that partner.

We provide the best electrical solutions in the industry. Our expertise and experience are unparalleled; we can bring any idea to fruition. And, as you may have heard, we're fearless for our customers. We're ready to mold any offering to meet your needs.


We're in business for your business

At HEE, each one of our offerings is unique, but not necessarily independent. We are happy to blur lines - or keep them straight - as needed. We know that sometimes our customers are looking for a lot, and sometimes they are only looking for a little.

As you browse our solutions, keep in mind that we never cut corners. Every pertinent service meets NETA standards.

Your business is what keeps us in business, so we are ready to do whatever you need to succeed.

Our Expertise

Testing & Preventative Maintenance

HEE's certified, dedicated professionals can provide regularly-scheduled testing and preventative maintenance services for critical-power clients. We are happy to work on infrastructure and assets that were previously installed by us - or by someone else.

Our in-depth plans are comprehensive and tailored to meet your needs. They also conform to InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) standards.

At HEE, it's all about delivering peace of mind.


HEE’s elite team works with all kinds of electrical systems and equipment, and we go beyond the script, providing you with a superior end-result that is unrivaled in our industry.

Our commissioning services include (but are not limited to) Electrical Design Review, Equipment Sourcing, Factory Witness Testing, Point-to-Point Testing, Document Control, and Field Support.

Let HEE empower your business to succeed.

Critical Power

When it comes to critical power, there should be no such thing as downtime. Our electrical professionals and engineers have tested thousands of relays and parts, working with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket providers. We are completely product-agnostic, which means that we only recommend the solutions that work - not ones that make us the biggest profit.

From design and installation to testing and preventative maintenance, we can do it all.


Looking for Consulting, Arc-Flash Studies, or Engineering-Stamped Schematics? How about an Electrical Coordination Study?

At HEE, we have full-time engineers in-house, on our team. Consequently, our Engineering services are practically limitless - and they are powered by our massive Research and Development lab located in Ashburn, VA.

We can test any solution before we recommend it, giving us valuable, inside knowledge that benefits both you and your end users.

Safety Consulting

When you operate large electrical systems, safety should be a priority. All the uptime in the world won't matter if an employee gets hurt.

At HEE, we offer comprehensive safety consulting for customers looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff. From customized safety programs to specialized training, our safety experts will help you save both lives and money.

Are you ready to get serious about safety?

Controls Design & Installation

HEE offers turnkey electrical and mechanical monitoring system for any business, in any industry. If you have something more unique in mind, we can also go beyond the typical energy management systems (EMS) and building management systems (BMS) to deliver a customized solution that meets your needs.

It's an intricate process, but years of hands-on experience and training have given us the technical know-how needed to create superior systems. Learn more about our solutions today.

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization is all about maximizing the benefits of energy. It is a necessary and logical pursuit in today's world, and sustainability is just one of its advantages. Energy optimization can help companies save money and maximize uptime, two objectives that every business strives to meet.

Our elite team has extensive experience with a myriad of solutions in this arena, including strategic consulting, metering solutions, and acceptance and maintenance testing. Are you ready to optimize your energy and your business?

Lifecycle Management

Scheduled, preventative maintenance is essential for complex electrical systems. HEE's technical specialists lead the industry with comprehensive, specialized lifecycle-management solutions for our customers.

From optimizing maintenance plans and setting baselines to predicting future failures and performing quality control (QC), we have the industry-specific knowledge to maximize performance, eliminate outages, and guarantee safety.

Learn more about our cradle to cradle approach now!

Emergency Response

We offer customized on-call plans that enable 24/7/365 coverage and guaranteed on-site response times to meet any Operational-Level Agreement (OLA) or Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Our technical electrical specialists can assist your engineering team over the phone or in-person, and our extensive parts and partner network is readily-available to support our customers.

At HEE, we’re never more than a phone call away.

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